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  • Geotextile Felt

    Sernak Building Materials & Insulation 
    Sernak Geotextile Felt

    Sernak and Geotextiles:

     What is geotekxtiles ?

    We have served many Projects in Turkey with our geotextiles. Zorlu Center, Istinye Park Project, Many projects with Uskudar Municipality are just the examples for our references.

    Sernak is now exporting geotextiles to many countries such as Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Gabon, Cameroon, Lebanon etc.

    Our Geotextile Production Facility was founded in 2009 for manufacturing of geotextile felt, wadding and lining products at Uşak Organized Industrial Zone.

    While first productions were non-woven and composite textile material, production technology was enhanced and our factory became a geotextile manufacturer with a capacity of 3.600,000 m² per year.

    We now have TSE, TSEK quality certification.

    Our product range comprises nonwoven surface products from 100 gr/m² to 1000gr/m² that are combined by polyester (PES) or polypropylene (PP) fiber pinning methods to service civil engineering and especially ground mechanics problems in an economical and durable fashion.

    We also have facilities for calendared geotextile production.



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